Top 5 Super Foods For Better Looking Skin


Ever wonder how some people have great looking skin, but couldn’t figure out what their secret was? Well did you know that you needn’t rely on some special products just to get better looking skin? All you need to rely on is a diet with these foods which will help you achieve great results.



If you think chocolate is unhealthy, think again. The contents of chocolate have the ability to hydrate your skin. As always, though, dark chocolate is more healthier and give the same effects towards your skin due to its antioxidants, one of which is flavanol. To get the most out of chocolate, look for a type that contains about 70% cocoa.

Kidney Beans


Believe it or not, kidney beans are powerful when it comes to achieving better looking skin. They are loaded with zinc, which is good for balancing your skin tone. Have about half a cup of kidney beans a day and you’ll be sure to achieve that beautiful skin.




Having a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast everyday will help prevent wrinkles when you age. Oatmeal requires a lot of blood sugar to break it down, and having high levels of sugar in your blood contributes to forming wrinkles. So change up your diet and eat a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.


Green Tea


Consuming a mug of green tea everyday will also help improve your skin. Green tea also has many antioxidants to detoxify your blood and help you achieve brighter skin. Moreover, green tea has been proven to be beneficial if you are experiencing inflammation and redness.



It shouldn’t be surprising to include yogurt in this list. Yogurt also prevents you from forming wrinkles as you age. It keeps your skin firm, so try to include yogurt into your diet. Bonus points if you substitute with Greek yogurt as this contains much more protein.