The Ultimate No Carb Snacks You Need To Know


The 3 most important meals in a day are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can simply eat during these times, and you can already be healthy. But life is not that easy, especially to those who love to eat. We do know that 3 meals just don’t work for them, actually to us including me, and eating snacks is something we always consider in mind. The problem is, snacks often times make us gain weight because it is considered to be an excess intake in our healthy daily requirements. To solve this problem, we have to track first which foods give more calories and we can simply say that it is carbohydrates. So technically speaking, if you are into healthy food habits, a snack must be of something with less to no carbohydrates – like these few examples in the list.

Apples and Cheese


Thinking about snacks, we often times think about something with cheese. Well, cheese is a low-carb snack, but those other foods with which cheese is added – these foods are often times fatty and high in carbs. Consider the cravings solved! Apples too are low in carb, so instead of eating two big cheeseburgers for snack, why not consider apples and cheese instead? Healthy and works together pretty tasty too.




Avocado is rich in fiber and high density lipoprotein, nutrients that your heart will surely love forever. Another thing, avocado is a low-carb food too – 18 grams only despite the full size you will consume. But the best thing about Avocado is that you can eat it as a main dish for your snack, or even a dessert to your 3 main meals. A very good recipe is you mash a quarter of avocado, and mix it well with rye crisps to make it crunchy. You can also eat it with fat-free milk to add more taste.


Yogurt and Cucumber


Yogurt is most famous about having good bacteria. It helps a lot in digestion and making your digestive system healthy. Well, yogurt still have something on its sleeves because it is also a low-carb food, and when you add it to a cucumber which has low carbohydrates too, you will experience a snack session like any no other. Preferrably, it must be a low-fat Greek yogurt, and simply dip the cucumber into this yogurt and serve.