Low Calorie Recipes That Will Naturally Decrease Weight In No Time


Losing weight is a dream for most of us. As we grow older and reach adulthood, our body will start to deteriorate slowly including our metabolism. We all wish to have a higher metabolism wherein we can eat a lot, but less likely we get fat. Life is difficult and it is not that easy to do, hence, there are a lot of ways to maintain or decrease our weight naturally and caloric intake control is one of which. The problem is, there are few low calorie foods on the market and most of the time we will be required to decrease our food intake. But the solution is now in your hand, let’s take a look some of the low calorie recipes that will naturally decrease your weight while maintaining satisfaction every feeding.


Breakfast – Bran flakes with banana and fat-free milk

banas flakes

Wheat is known to be low in calories, but wheat bran is one of the lowest in the list. There is a lot of wheat bran flakes cereal in the market, and you can choose whichever you will like. Just ¾ cup of it every breakfast, add slices of 1 banana and a cup of fat-free milk. Overall in this quantity, for sure you will have the feeling of fullness, but the calories this food combination contains is highly less than expected.


Lunch – Wheat pita bread with roasted turkey and pepper


Who says you can’t eat meat while you are on a diet? In this recipe, meat as our favorite will be included. To start, bake one mini wheat pita bread or you can simply buy it wherever it is available. Add it with slices of Turkey breast around 3 ounces, and sprinkle it with roasted pepper to add some spice. Finally, dress it with a teaspoon of mayonnaise and mustard, then add lettuces at the top before you sandwich it. You can also add some 1 stick part-skim mozzarella string cheese and 2 kiwifruits as a side dish.


Dinner – Steamed shrimp with baked potatoes and spinach


Shrimp is one of the most favored food and we will have this for dinner this time. Since we are up to losing weight, steamed will be our best cook to avoid fatty components. Add some side dishes like baked tomatoes and steamed spinach to complete the nutritional requirements for the night, a low-fat frozen fudge bar for dessert.